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Jordan Rager Interview

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  Jordan Rager Music - Country music singer / songwriter from Loganville, GA
                            Photo courtesy of Jordan Rager

Jordan Rager has been a contestant on the popular NBC television talent show, The Voice.  He  was
selected by Blake Shelton to perform for his team.  Blake complimented Jordan when he told him he
was the first genuine country singer to cross The Voices' stage.

Jordan bases his songwriting from real life experiences as demonstrated  in his  single  "Small Town
Skyscrapers". He's from Loganville, GA and there are no skyscrapers, but while big  cities  brag  on
their town, he shares just how equally important places and people are in small towns. He's written
and co-written several songs
, recorded his first CD in 2012, "Burning Gasoline", and is working  on
another one to be released soon.  He has shared the stage  with  Kip Moore,  Love & Theft,  Casey
James, Gretchen Wilson, Bo Bice, David Allen Coe and is scheduled to open for Craig Campbell.

Ron Holland with The Georgia Music Channel caught up with Jordan to ask a few questions and talk
about his music career.

What and who inspired you to get started as a singer/songwriter?

Alan Jackson is probably my biggest song writing influence. The guy  can't
write a bad song and all of his songs are about real life experiences, which
is what I write about.

Tell us what being a contestant on The Voice was like and how it
changed or affected your approach to music.

It was a great experience that opened a lot of people's  eyes  to  my  music.
Plus getting to work with Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert was awesome.
They really helped me take my music to the next level.

When Blake said, "Your the first real genuine country singer, in two
seasons of The Voice, that's stepped across this stage", what went
through your mind - coming from such a huge country music star?

The whole blind audition was a little surreal. Definitely not something  I  ever
thought I'd get the chance to do. And I really couldn't believe it when he said
it. Those are big shoes to fill coming from Blake, who is  one  of  the  biggest
names in country music today.

Working with Blake had to have an impact on you...what did you learn
from working with him as your coach on The Voice?

The one biggest thing Blake taught me (and it sounds cliche) but  it  was  to  be
myself. If you don't believe what you're selling, no one else will either. And that's
a direct quote from Blake.

Let’s talk about songwriting.....if you could give 3 words that best
describes your songwriting, what would they be?

Honest, real, experiences. Everything I write is from experience, whether that
is literal or metaphorical. It's all true when it comes from me.

Tell us about your latest CD “Burning Gasoline” and your favorite cuts.

The cd is available on iTunes right now. It just tells the story of my life to this
point from my perspective. One of my favorite songs is "We Walk Together",
which is a song I wrote for my graduating class and performed  at  the  grad
ceremony so it's probably always gonna be a very special song for me.

You’ve released “Zero To Crazy “ on itunes and your newest single
is  "Small Town Skyscrapers".  What inspired those song?

I come from simple roots and those songs tell the  story  of  small  town  southern
roots. "Zero to Crazy" is a country boys dream date and "Skyscrapers" is the way
I look at my hometown of Loganville. We don't have  high  rises  or  big  buildings,
but we are happy with what we got and we're proud of it.

I understand you’ve got an upcoming CD, entitled “Get Loud” which
will include those two songs. When will the CD be released?

The cd is scheduled to drop sometime in October. I don't have an exact  date
pinned down just yet but my Twitter and Facebook is the best way to keep up
when that is announced.

You co-wrote a song & recorded a duo with Jon Langston, “Runnin'
On Sunshine”.  What inspired that collaboration and when will the
EP be out?

Jon is a good friend of mine and we kicked around the  idea  of  a  debut  for  quite
sometime now and finally had the right idea for a duet song and that's how "Runnin'
on Sunshine" came about. His EP  is  available  on  August  2nd  on  iTunes  and  it
features 4 songs me and Jon wrote together.

You’re back and forth between home and Nashville. Who have you
collaborated with lately and in the past?

I collaborate with new writers all the time. I've got a lot of good friends in Nashville
that I write with  like  Cole  Taylor,  Thomas  Archer,  Jeremy  Bussey,  Jayce  Hein,
Caeland Garner. All these guys and myself have written  several  songs  together
that will be featured on the new record.

What's going on now and planned for the future as far as your music...
recording sessions, tours, collaborations, etc.?

I've already started work on the new album "Get Loud", I've got the Southern
Throwdown Tour coming up with Tyler Hammond and Lauren-Ashley, and  I'll
be opening for Craig Campbell on October 5th.

Well, no doubt  you have a busy schedule ahead of you and that's great
news. What can the fans expect in the future?

This fall is gonna be extremely busy but I can't wait! It's gonna  be full  of  new
experiences, new music, new venues, and hopefully new fans and new friends.
It's been a fun ride so far and look forward to what's ahead in the future.  Y'all
can follow me on all social media sites for any and all info on upcoming  shows
and when the new music will be released. Also check out .

Jordan, thank you for taking time to talk with us today. Everybody at The
Georgia Music Channel gives you our best wishes on your upcoming CD
& tours.  We'll be at The Party On The Farm 2013 concert and look forward
to seeing you there.

I appreciate it and by the way great job on what ya'll are doing to preserve the
history of Georgia music artists. God bless...JR

Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved - The Georgia Music Channel.

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