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Dottie Rambo Discography

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Solo Albums

19—: Big Heart, Warm Voice
1965: Dottie Rambo and The Imperials (Heart Warming Records)
1968: It's The Soul Of Me/Dottie Rambo Sings Spirituals (Heart Warming)
1972: Heart Prints (Heart Warming)
1972: Sing Faith And Hope (Heart Warming)
1973: Dottie Rambo Song Book
1977: Love Letters
1978: Down By The Creek Bank (Benson)
1978: Choral Concert Of Love (Heart Warming)
1981: Makin' My Own Place (Heart Warming)
1989: Camp Goolamockee
1992: Hook Line, Subject & Rhyme
1993: Walkin' Toward Recovery
1993: Dottie Rambo
1994: Oil And The Wine
2003: Stand By The River (Spring Hill Music)
2003: We Shall Behold Him
2005: Treasures, Yesterday, Today...
2005: Sheltered (Daywind)

As "The Rambos"

19—: Singing Rambos (Vista Records)
1965: Gospel Echoes "Those Singing Rambos" (Introducing Buck and Dottie's Daughter, Reba)
1966: Come Spring
1967: Gospel Ballads
1968: An Evening With The Rambos (HeartWarming)
1969: The Soul Singing Rambos (HeartWarming)
1969: This Is My Valley
1970: Nashville Gospel (HeartWarming)
1970: Live
1971: Soul Classics
1971: Reflections
1972: Soul In The Family (HeartWarming)
1972: If That Isn't Love (Vista Records)
1973: Sing Me On Home (HeartWarming)
1973: Spotlighting The Rambos (Vista Records)
1973: Belief (Vista Records)
1973: Sonshine (HeartWarming)
1973: Too Much to Gain to Lose (Vista Records)
1974: Yours, Until He Comes (HeartWarming)
1974: Alive and Live at Souls Harbor (HeartWarming)
1975: There Has To Be A Song (HeartWarming)
1975: These Three Are One (HeartWarming)
1976: The Son Is Shining (HeartWarming)
1976: Rambo Country (HeartWarming)
1977: Naturally (HeartWarming)
1978: Queen of Paradise
1978: Down By The Creek Bank
1979: Silver Jubilee (HeartWarming)
1979: Crossin' Over (HeartWarming)
1981: Rambo Reunion (HeartWarming)
1982: We Shall Behold Him (Musical)
1983: Son Of Thunder, Daughter of Light
1983: Memories Made New (HeartWarming)
1984: Destined For The Throne (Impact)
1984: The Perfect Rose Single & Interview
1986: Reaching Around The World
1987: The Legend Continues
1992: Masters of Gospel (Riversong)
1992: Lost Recordings of The Rambos/Gospel Echoes
1993: Walking Toward Recovery
1994: Mama's Favorite Hymns

Appearances On Other Albums

1974: Highway Call Dickey Betts (title song)
1982: He Set My Life to Music Barbara Mandrell (MCA) "I Will Glory In The Cross"
1994: Soul Embrace David Robertson (Star Song)"One More Time"
2006: Revival The Dunaways (Zion Music) "I Just Came To Talk With You Lord"
2009: Here I Am Christie Lynn "My Song Is New", "I'm Gonna Leave Here Shouting"


1990: Greatest Hits Video
1990: Christian Video Magazine "The Rambos Special"
2000: A New Year's Eve Special: In the Year of Our Lord 2000 (TBN)
2003: More Than the Music - Life Story - Dottie Rambo/ The LeFevres (Word Entertainment)
2003: We Shall Behold Him:Tribute to Dottie Rambo (Word Entertainment)

Gaither Homecoming Video Performances

2002: I'll Fly Away "Too Much To Gain To Lose", "He Looked Beyond My Fault"
2004: Build A Bridge "I Go To The Rock"
2004: Reunion "He Touched Me"
2004: Dottie Rambo with Homecoming Friends "Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City", "I've Never Been This Homesick Before", "The Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me" 2008: Homecoming Picnic "Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing"
2009: Nashville Homecoming "I Just Came To Talk With You, Lord"

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